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June 11th, 2010

loveslashangst: (Default)
Friday, June 11th, 2010 11:56 pm
Story: Collared
Author: The enjoying-this-more-than-is-comfortable [personal profile] loveslashangst
Co-Author: the welcome-to-the-dark-side-we-have-cookies [personal profile] ophymirage
Characters: Amy Pond, Evil!Eleventh Doctor, Captain John Hart, Captain Jack Harkness, OC, OAC (Original Alien Character).
Pairings Amy/Evil!Eleven. Amy/OC. Amy/OA (Original Alien).
Kinks: This chapter is written for the “drugs/aphrodisiacs” kink_bingo prompt. XXX for porn, porn, and more porn. Dub-con. Non-con. Slavery (voluntary and otherwise). BDSM. Alien!sex. Begging. Holding down. Forced sex. Abuse of orifices. Collar/leash-training. Electrical-play. Vaginal and anal plugs. Spanking. Evil. More evil. Profanity. And I’m pretty sure that if this section doesn’t make sure I’m going to Hell, the next instalment will.
WARNINGS: NON-CON. Lots of it. Human/alien!sex. Pain-play (implied and threatened). Seriously, folks, the first draft squicked my co-author, and y’all know how pervy O is.
Disclaimer: I don’t own this lot, and they are profoundly glad I don’t. Did I mention I’m going to Hell for this? The “Sulamid” alien is still borrowed and revamped from Ceefax the Sane.
Spoilers: Series 5 Doctor Who. Sometime. Not sure when, but not sure it matters. This is the sequel to “The Doctor Dances Darkly”, so we’re already AU as it is.
Summary: The Doctor is evil. Rory is dead. Amy is a nympho with a taste for dark sex. Unfortunately, she keeps wandering off. So it’s up to the Doctor to teach her a lesson she will NEVER forget.

Okay, so here’s the dealio…

Part 2 took me a little longer than planned, because the first attempt squicked O, the second draft wasn’t rough enough [O sez: Hey, I’m picky.], and then I had to rewrite again to get to the “Goldilocks” draft. (e.g. “just right”) Part 3 will prolly be similarly longer-than-I’d-intended in the drafting/beta-ing process, because it just gets kinkier and rougher from here. (Plus, I think it’s HIGH time Eleven got a taste of his own medicine.)

Part of what makes this hard is this is the farthest I’ve ever travelled outside my comfort zone when it comes to NonCon. (I usually have a solid “consent only” policy.) Also, please don’t mistake this for an Amy-hating fic. I don’t hate her even slightly. I actually love her most of all the recent Companions.

But you know what they say about hurting the ones you love…

One final warning before we begin. PLEASE stop reading if you squick at alien!sex or NonCon (i.e. rape!fic). The camera does not pan up, cut away, or flinch from anything that happens here.

On with the show…

Chapter 2 )

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